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Trailers and Trolleys

The SS Marine double road trailer This trailer carries two Access / Hansa sail boats of any model. It has special racks at the base to stow the keels. This keeps the weight low which gives the trailer a low center of gravity and results in excellent stability. It also has racks just below the upper bars to stow the main masts (for this they need to be two piece main masts), the jib masts and the booms.

Both launch trolleys stow on the upturned hull of the top boat.
All trailers and trolleys are supplied galvanized.

The trailer comes complete with spare wheel (fitted to the drawbar), jockey wheel and light board.

Launch Trolleys for the Access 2.3, 303, Breeze and Liberty Sailing Dinghies

Choice of pneumatic tires for ease of use on soft terrain's or solid tyres for shallow launch.
Galvanized metal and hardwood construction to fully protect the boat.

Designed to protect the boat when used by inexperienced handlers or people with imprecise motor movements making it compatible with the needs of people with a wide range of disabilities.

Easily transported with the dinghy on standard car roof bars.

Users Comment - I like to be as independent as I can, It takes a little longer to launch the boat myself but I get a great sense of achievement when I've done it.

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